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Recent NEWS

Congratulation!!!!! Kyeong-Nam's paper on Energy storage systems has been accepted for publication in ACS Energy Letters ( Sep 15, 2020 )

Congratulation!!!!! Jihun's paper on Desalination has been accepted for publication in Materials Today Energy 

( Aug 13, 2020 )

Congratulation!!!!! Kwanghyun's paper on  Solar desalination has been accepted for publication in ACS Applied Energy Materials ( Aug 4, 2020 )

Congratulation!!!!! Juhyung's paper on PEC has been accepted for publication in Nanoenergy

                                       (Jun 15, 2020)

Congratulation!!!!! Jongha's paper on  super-capacitors has been accepted for publication in ACS Applied Energy Materials ( Mar 25, 2020 )

The newly published  


경남 ACS energy letters title.JPG

Kyeong-Nam's paper on energy storage systems has been published in ACS Energy Letters.

Congraturation! Kyeong-Nam and Myung-Jun

School of Energy and Chemical Engineering, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, 50, UNIST gil, Ulsan, 44919, Korea

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