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Juhyung Park, Ki-Yong Yoon, Myung-Jun Kwak, Jae-Eun Lee, Jihun Kang, and Ji-Hyun Jang*, “Sn-Controlled Co-Doped Hematite for Efficient Solar-Assisted Chargeable Zn-Air Batteries”, 

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2021, 13, 46, 54906 (IF : 9.229)


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Biplab K. Deka, Ankita Hazarika, Myung-Jun Kwak, Dong Chan Kim, Anand Pakash Jaiswal, Hae Gu Lee, Jaewoo Seo, Changyoon Jeong, Ji-Hyun Jang, Young-Bin Park, and Hyung Wook Park*, “Triboelectric Nanogenerator-Intergrated Structural Supercapacitor with In Situ MXene-Dispersed N-Doped Zn-Cu Selenide Nanostructured Woven Carbon Fiber for Energy Harvesting and Storage”, 

Energy Storage Materials, 2021, 43, 402 (IF : 17.789)


Energy Storage Materials abstract.jpg

Gyujin Song, Myung-Jun Kwak, Chihyun Hwang, Cheolwon An, Suhee Kim, Sangyeop Lee, Sungho Choi, Hyun-Kon Song*, Ji-Hyun Jang*, and Soojin Park*, “Stress-Relief Network in Silicon Microparticles and Composite Anodes for Durable High-Energy-Density Batteries", 

ACS Applied Energy Materials, 2021, 4, 9, 10050 (IF : 4.473)


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Sourav Chaule, Jongha Hwang, Seong-Ji Ha, Jihun Kang, Jong-Chul Yoon, and Ji-Hyun Jang*, “Rational Design of a High Performance and Robust Solar Evaporator via 3D-Printing Technology”, 

Advanced Materials, 2021, 2102649 (IF : 30.849)


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Jun Heuk Park, Myung-Jun Kwak, Chihyun Hwang, Kyeong-Nam Kang, Nian Liu, Ji-Hyun Jang*, and Bartosz A. Grzybowski* “Self- Assembling Films of Covalent Organic Frameworks Enable Long-Term, Efficient Cycling of Zinc-Ion Batteries”, 

Advanced Materials, 2021, 33, 2101726 (IF : 30.849)


명준 AM 1.PNG

Ki-Yong Yoon, Juhyung Park, Minsu Jung, Sang-Geun Ji, Hosik Lee, Ji Hui Seo, Myung-Jun Kwak, Sang IL Seok, Jun Hee Lee, and Ji-Hyun Jang*, “NiFeOx decorated Ge-hematite/perovskite for an efficient water splitting system”, 

Nature Communications, 2021, 12, 4309 (IF : 14.919)


기용 nature comm.PNG

Jong-Chul Yoon, Xinyue Dai, Kyeong-Nam Kang, Jongha Hwang, Myung-Jun Kwak, Feng Ding, and Ji-Hyun Jang*, “Graphitization with Suppressed Carbon Loss for High-Quality Reduced Graphene Oxide”, 

ACS Nano, 2021, 15, 7, 11655 (IF : 14.588)


종철 ACS Nano.jpeg

Kaliannan Thiyagarajan, Woo-Jin Song, Hyeji Park, Veerapandian Selvaraj, Sungmin Moon, Myung-Jun Kwak, Gyeongbae Park, Minsik Kong, Monalisa Pal, Junghyeok Kwak, Anupam Giri, Ji-Hyun Jang, Soojin Park*, and Unyong Jeong*, “Electroactive 1T-MoS2 Fluoroelastomer Ink for Intrinsically Stretchable Solid-State In-Plane Supercapacitors”, 

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces , 2021, 13, 23, 26870 (IF : 9.229)


명준 AMI.gif

Sung-Wook Kim, Jongha Hwang, Seong-Ji Ha, Jae-Eun Lee, Jong-Chul Yoon, Ji-Hyun Jang*, “Ultrathin MoS2 flakes embedded in nanoporous graphene films for a multi-functional electrode”, 

Journal of Materials Chemistry A , 2021, 9, 928 (IF : 11.301)


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